Certification is a core element of the IGI mission to advance modern grinding practice throughout industry.
In addition to exploiting new grinding technologies, the IGI believes in people, and in cultivating grinding knowledge in researchers and practicing engineers. We do this through training and certification programs.

The Level I certification program was launched in April 2015. If you are interested in applying for other certificates, contact IGI.  

Click a category and you will see your IGI certification options below:
Level I

Blue Belt Grinder
Fundamentals of grinding

  • grinding safety
  • wheel composition; reading a wheel specification
  • basic coolant application
  • achieving surface finish; spark-out
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Level II

Brown Belt Grinder
Recognition of core skills

  • calculating "overlap ratios” in dressing; rotary dressing speed ratios; achieving a self-sharpening wheel
  • grinding parameters; calculation of specific material removal rate and RPM ratios
  • burn in ferrous materials; softening; residual stresses; rehardening
  • coolant flood application; pressure, flowrate, velocity
  • wheel-wear mechanisms; dulling; calculating G-ratio
Level III

Black Belt Grinder
Recognition of advanced skills

  • aggressiveness and chip-thickness calculations; wheel-workpiece contact length
  • generation of wheel topography; advanced dressing parameters
  • force ratio; interpreting power signals; calculating specific energy; grinding wheel sweet-spot
  • analysis of useful flow rate; heat transfer analysis; burn measurement methods
  • self-excited vs. forced vibrations; pinpointing chatter frequency
Level IV

Black Belt Guru
Recognition of excellence

  • research methods
  • modeling, simulation and optimization
  • experimental verification
  • candidate has performed original research and has published an article in a first-tier peer-reviewed journal (e.g. CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology; International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture; Journal of Materials Processing Technology; Wear; or other IGI-board-approved journal)
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